C200 Ward Bed

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The Stralus C 200 Series Acute Care bed combines contemporary style with advanced engineering and design. Building on the success of the Stralus Aged Care beds, the C 200 Series provides comfort and protection to patients whilst complying with international standards.

We placed ourselves in the position of the patient to design a product which offers a calm, personable space in a busy environment, without compromising awareness of their surroundings. This is expressed in the innovative wrap around head and foot-board design, and the large, visible sideboard openings. 

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ward bed stralus top
ward bed collage
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With its clean, crisp and consistent lines, the Stralus C 200 has been styled for a unique look in an already crowded market segment. The range of control options and moveable surrounds ensure quick, easy access, and hand holds and controls are positioned to be ergonomic for both patients and carers.

All of these class leading features are designed to protect patients and assist those around them in providing optimal care.