Low Bed Range

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Whist specialised aged care low beds provide huge ergonomic and usability benefits for senior users, they often carry the stigma of being ugly, bulky and undesirable for use in contemporary environments. Existing products in the market are often termed ‘tombstone’ beds due to large lowering mechanisms at the end of the bed.

The Stralus low bed range combines contemporary style with advanced engineering and design. The unique design of the S-Line Low Bed mechanism allows it to achieve a market-leading low height delivered in an aesthetic sympathetic and appealing to target users. The bed provides a range of assisted movements, along with the low position designed to prevent injury from bed falls during the night.

Trike have been responsible for the full development of the Stralus design program, including in house accelerated life-cycle testing.

Each bed is available with a range of accessories to further improve the user experience, and can be optioned in a range of colours and styles to integrate seamlessly with the surrounding furnishings.

The Stralus Low Bed line is built around addressing the needs of senior users rather than the needs of the manufacturer.