Trinity Electronic braking castors

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Most people can relate to the issues of moving a loaded shopping trolley down an incline and trying to prevent it from running away.

The intuitive steer function of Trinity EBC allows heavy hospital beds (often over 600kg) to be moved with relative ease by dynamically locking a set of castors in direction at either end of the bed to aid steering during patient transit. This unique patented technology reduces the risk of back-related injuries to hospital staff.

Trinity EBC is helping to transition Fallshaw from a castor manufacture to a provider of regulatory compliant  technology solutions within hospital environments around the world.


The ‘Trinity EBC’ system provides 3 castor states:

Steer locks the castor in a preset direction of travel and allows wheels to rotate

Free allows maximum manoeuvrability by allowing free rotation and swivel

Brake locks both wheel rotation and swivel to provide a safe and stable environment

‘Trinity EBC’ provides unprecedented safety with “intuitive steer” and automatic braking whilst still providing a manual override that is easily accessible to the user