Think of us as part of your team. 


Trike has 15+ years of experience in the development of consumer, industrial, scientific and healthcare products.

We have a team of 15 full time engineering and design staff, with an extended network of subject matter experts located around the globe. 


"Tricycle’s design brought this product to the forefront of the market, and that’s proven in a 100% increase in sales"

Brett Cheong
Executive Director
Paragon Care


Andrew Crawford

Andrew is a co-founder of Trike with over 15 years of product design and engineering experience locally and abroad. A master of blending creativity with precision, yet keeping solutions commercial and realistic, Andrew is at home getting his hands dirty tackling the most complex of design challenges.

Mat Trainor
Mountain Biker

The other co-founder of Trike, Mat has proven experience in product development on large scale engineering programs. Mat manages the Trike team in tackling a wide variety of projects-instilling a culture of collaborative problem solving, dogged enthusiasm and honest ownership of results.

Luke Martin
Head of Innovation and Strategy

Luke is a passionate product design manager and strategic thinker with 20 years experience developing products in the medical, care, scientific, consumer, and industrial sectors. Luke brings a breadth of design experience and sense of enthusiastic realism to each product development initiative.


James Burns
Product Design Engineer

James Hayes
Stress Tester
Mechanical Engineer

Rob Reid
Mountain Biker
Product Design Engineer

Mitchell Cheong
Adrenaline Junkie
Junior Design Engineer


Michael Oechsle

Gary Bethune
Product Design Engineer

Ben Forsyth
Product Design Engineer

Mani Balasubramaniam
Junior Design Engineer

Alana Dang
Plant Enthusiast
Product Design Engineer

Lucas Chan
Squash Player
Product Design Engineer

Trent Carter
Animator Extraordinaire
Design Engineer

Chris O'Haire
Product Design Engineer

Evan Pell
Product Design Engineer

Briana Finlay


Our Melbourne based studio is a collaborative environment designed for agile product development. This allows us to design, build and test in house- ensuring proven solutions and successful project outcomes.